Friday, September 25, 2009

The Twelve Steps of S. K. A. (Serial Killers Anonymous) -- by Richard C. Speaks

1. We have admitted to ourselves that murder is shameful, and wrong.

2. We have accepted the fact that we are not, and have never been, a higher power. We are murderers. Nothing more.

3. We have accepted responsibility for all the harm we've caused others through our selfish and immoral actions.

4. We must control ourselves, but we are weak. We need help.

5. We have searched within for the reasons to why we are driven to commit atrocity after atrocity. Knowledge is power. Know thyself.

6. We have decided to be honest with ourselves and the group. Anything said at an SKA meeting, or to an SKA sponsor, is strictly confidential.

7. You must never reveal the existence, or location of the SKA meeting place.

8. You must report to your sponsor, or to the mentor of the group, anything that might become a possible threat to the existence of SKA and to its membership. Day or night. Let's not take any unnecessary risks!

9. The SKA meeting place is neutral territory. Violence will not be tolerated.

10. To err is human, and relapse is a part of recovery. Just because you've acted out again doesn't mean that you should stop trying to stop. Call your sponsor before you lose control. Let SKA help you.

11. Keeping trophies only feeds your lust for violence. They can also incriminate you. Get rid of them.

12. Clean and sober helps to keep the demons away. Unless you're on meds.

Drawing by Robert Graysmith

The 12 Steps of S. K. A. comes from my screenplay, and novel in progress, ANONYMOUS. My script can be found collecting dust on TRIGGERSTREET.COM.


Anonymous said...

Well, that gave me a chill...glad to see it's not the "real thing" but part of a screenplay.

ProfessorPEARL said...
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ProfessorPEARL said...

My apologies, I sometimes get wordy...

Now, it seems you've made me subscribe.