Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Born-Again Boogie -- by Richard C. Speaks

He was a video prophet
And he was living a lie
Preaching moral outrage
And cruising whores on the sly

He hid his secret shame
behind his crusade on porn
Always the first to cast stones
And call for God's wrathful scorn

He bilked his gullible sheep
with afterlife extortion
Declared guerrilla war
on civil rights & abortion

Bible schools bare his name
Sheep-shearing taught for a fee
For pious fraud is an art
And everything is tax-free!

It's such a shame God's not real
And there's no Judgement Day
Too bad he'll never face Jesus
just to hear Him say:

"You've used My Gospel for gain!
Abused My good Name for power!
The widow's mite made you rich
But now you whimper & cower!

"You've wept with selfish deceit
And prostituted My story!
You've deluded My flock
to buy your pretense of glory!

"Vain fraud, I know you not!
Viper! Begone from Me!
Go join the rest of your ilk
who work iniquity!

"I've prepared a special place for you
Deep in the bowels of hell!
Full of screaming, gnashing teeth!
A place that suits you well!"