Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RACER -- by Richard C. Speaks

You are metal
I am meat
I'm in control
from the driver's seat

I push you hard
You growl protest
We search the streets
for the thrill of conquest

The road is long
A serpent cloaked by night
Eagerly I rev you
So I can feel your might

Then a challenger nods
And we begin the contest
At the signal we wait
to prove who's the best

Two engines straining
On the green they explode
Steel demons roaring
down a desolate road

I'm in the lead
and feeling fine
I'll bet I'm beating
my best time

Your right front blows
I lose control
I hold on tight
as we start to roll

Now you're a wreck
But I'll survive
They say it's a miracle
that I'm alive

I live for speed
More danger to face
I'll get another car
This isn't my last race


Sunday, December 14, 2008

OVER DONE -- by Richard C. Speaks

Stewed brains
Life drained
Kill yourself
to kill your pain

Over use
Self abuse
A sad life
is no excuse

Speed kills
Toxic thrills
Numb and dumb
on happy pills

Expensive taste
No problems faced
It's your life
to save or waste