Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GOD, The Almighty Abortionist -- by Richard C. Speaks

The Bible and the anti-abortion movement go hand-in-hand. This makes no sense, and never ceases to disgust and amuse me when I see all of those fanatics holding their Bibles up high, as if that legitimized their meddling in other people's business. It's so ridiculous and sad. The Bible is not fetus-friendly, folks. The pro-life (anti-choice) movement have been touting the wrong book!

The Bible is jam-packed with atrocities against women and children. All of these crimes were committed by God, or by so-called men of God, who claimed to be following God's orders. The Bible is full of divinely-sanctioned cruelty, bigotry, incest, slavery, homicide, genocide, and infanticide. The Bible isn't pro-life, and I can prove it. Consider the mythical flood of Noah.

Yahweh regretted having made human beings on earth and was grieved at heart. And Yahweh said, 'I shall rid the surface of the earth of the human beings whom I created.'

God decided to throw the baby out with the bath water, because of all the pagan naughtiness that was going on back then. Countless human beings were drowned like rats. Even the innocent children and unborn babies! What a mega-abortion! God must have already known they would grow up to be sinners, had they been permitted to live.

After forty days and nights the flood waters finally receded, and the ark came to rest on Mount Ararat. Then all of the animals exited the ark, climbed down the mountain, and made their ways back to their native habitats. When it was finally over Noah really needed a drink, or twenty. So he whipped up some wine, got stinking drunk, and ended up passing out in his tent without any clothes on.

His son, Ham, was unfortunate enough to glimpse his father in the nude. He went and told his brothers about it, and they covered Noah's nakedness with a blanket, taking great care to avert their eyes the whole time. The next day the old man woke up with a terrible hang over, and an ugly temperament.

When Noah learned that Ham had seen him in the buff he was so pissed off about it that he cursed Ham's son, Canaan, and all of his yet to be born descendants. Poor Canaan didn't even get to peek at his grandpa's wrinkled, stanky old ass! What a bummer! This undeserved, multi-generational hoodoo became the justification the Hebrew's used to explain away their genocidal campaign against the pagan Canaanites, and for stealing the Holy Land from them. Does that suck, or what?

When Abraham heard that God intended to annihilate the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, for all of their pagan naughtiness, Abe pleaded for their right-to-life with the Almighty Tyrant. Coincidentally, S&G just happened to be the home of his lecherous lush of a nephew, Lot. Abe was able to shame God into a begrudged concession, which only spared Lot and his two luscious, and fertile daughters. Lot’s contrary wife took one last look at her home town and was reduced to a pillar of salt. S&G, and the surrounding country side, was reduced to ash.

Then God decided to test Abe, to see if the old guy was willing to slit the throat of his favorite son, Isaac (or Ishmael). Abe showed God that he was willing to murder his own child, if that was what God wanted. Yahweh changed His mind at the last minute, and settled for a pseudo-pagan animal sacrifice, instead of a human sacrifice. That was awfully big of Him.

Was God getting back at Abe for daring to question His divine authority? God's little test ended up killing Sarah. The old gal couldn't take any more. I guess the moral of this tale of woe is: When God’s in a killing mood, don’t question His reasoning. Just shut up and get out of His way.

But what about the fetuses? Do the unborn have a right to life? Does God even give a damn? The Bible says no.

When Tamar was told, 'Look, your father-in-law is going up to Timnah for the shearing of his sheep,' she changed out of her widow's clothes, wrapping a veil around her to disguise herself, and sat down at the entrance to Enaim, which is on the way to Timnah...

Judah, seeing her, took her for a prostitute, since her face was veiled. Going up to her on the road, he said, 'Here, let me sleep with you.'

He did not know that she was his daughter-in-law.

'What will you give me for sleeping with you?' she asked.

'I will send you a kid from the flock,' he said.

'Agreed, if you give me a pledge until you send it,' she replied.

'What pledge shall I give you?' he asked.

'Your seal and cord and the staff you are holding,' she replied.

He gave them to her and slept with her, and she conceived by him.
GENESIS 38:13-18
(II KINGS 23:4-7)

About three months later, Judah was told, 'Your daughter-in-law has played the harlot; furthermore, she is pregnant as a result of her misconduct.'

'Bring her out,' Judah ordered, 'and let her be burnt alive!'

Fortunately, Tamar was able to prove that Judah was the father of her fetus. She was pronounced, virtuous, and her life, and the life of her fetus were spared a fiery death. Another abortion avoided through planned parenthood. Tamar was a smart woman. She became the matriarch of the bloodline that spawned David, Solomon, and perhaps even Jesus. Tamar is spoken of favorably in the Good Book. The fact remains: they were willing to burn her alive, even though she was three months pregnant! What's really odd is that burning someone alive was the punishment for witchcraft, not adultery! (See my 3 part series on hookers, homosexuality, and pagan practices in the Bible.)

Moses addressed the issue of pre-born human life from the mountain top. This is how much Yahweh valued fetuses:

If people, when brawling, hurt a pregnant woman and she suffers a miscarriage, but no further harm is done, the person responsible will pay compensation as fixed by the woman's master, paying as much as the judges decide.

If further harm is done, however, you will award life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stroke for stroke.
EXODUS 21:22,23

If the mother survived the miscarriage, then the death of her unborn child was reduced to a misdemeanor. The person who caused the abortion owed the "husband" (KJV), or "master" (NJB) a fine. Compensation for the loss of property.

If the mother had died because of the miscarriage, then the crime would be murder (of an adult), and the person responsible for the miscarriage that led to the woman's death would be put to death by divine law. But only for her death. Not her fetus'.
A fetus was a non-person, as far as God and Moses were concerned.

So kill all the male children and kill all the women who have ever slept with a man; but spare the lives of the young girls who have never slept with a man, and keep them for yourselves.
NUMBERS 31:17,18

Samaria will pay the penalty for having rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, their little children will be dashed to pieces and their pregnant women disemboweled.
HOSEA 14:1

God killed the first infant son of David and Bathsheba, to punish them for their adultery, and the murder of Bathsheba's former husband, Uriah (II SAMUEL 12:13,14). Shades of the final plague of Exodus. Kill the children to punish the sinning adults. Suffer the children indeed!

Later God decided to become a mortal man, so He could sacrifice Himself to Himself in order to grant all Christians a heavenly pardon for the sin of freewill. I guess God wanted to experiment with masochism for a change. God’s little experiment is said to have caused Herod to order that all boy children of the region, two-years-old, and under, be murdered in an attempt to kill the future sacrificial lamb of God: JC (Matthew 2:16). Shades of the Moses nativity tale, with Herod standing in for Pharaoh. The same old story. Old habits die hard. And some habits are murder.

JC was born the avatar of Yahweh. His destiny was to suffer and die, so he could expunge all of the sins of the world yet to be committed. But only for Christians that pray for forgiveness often enough, and in the right way (see your local witch doctor for details!).

JC's tragic end, and dubious resurrection, have helped to ease the guilt of guys like Torquemada, Hitler, the Son Of Sam, BTK, and too many other fanatical sadists to name here. Christians get to pray their crimes away, because of JC’s suffering on their behalf. This artificial coping system, where they can reset their moral odometer, has made many recidivists believe that they can just go and sin again, and again, and again. It's inspired countless splinter cults, like the Branch Davidians, the People’s Temple, the Manson Family, ect., ect. It’s been used to justify crusades and inquisitions, and countless other crimes. And God became His own son, so He could sacrifice Himself to Himself, for this? He sure didn’t do it to ease the suffering of humanity. Not even for the innocent children.

Here's what JC has to say on the subject:

But Jesus turned to them and said, 'Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children. For look, the days are surely coming when people will say, Blessed are those who are barren, the wombs that have never borne children, the breasts that have never suckled!'
LUKE 23:28,29
(Also in LUKE 21:23 -- MATTHEW 24:19)

And finally, a quote from the King James version. For the poetry:

O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be that rewarded thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.
PSALM 137:8,9

For more divine abortions check out:
DEUTERONOMY 2:34,35, 20:16,17
JOSHUA 6:21, 10:28-40, 11:11-14
JUDGES 21:10,11
I SAMUEL 15:3, 22:19, 27:9-11
II KINGS 8:12, 15:16
ISAIAH 13:15-18

Hope I didn’t miss any.

I think I’ve made my point. Mein Kampf is more fetus friendly than the Good Book. Pro-lifers, find a better book. Read it some time, and you'll see what I mean.

Open your mind and your heart will follow.



Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to know if these "pro-Lifers" are willing to raise (and pay for) these "babies" they want to save.... I had one if fits because I said I was "pro-life" AND pro-choice, does not the mother's Life mean anything? Great blog entry, and now I don't HAVE to read the dusty old bible!

Infidel said...

I wish more people would read the Bible on their own, with an open mind. All of it, not just the bits & pieces they may have underlined during Sunday services. I think the pro-lifers need a better book to wave about. Maybe Dr. Spock, or something benign like that. Hate is never the answer. Neither are dusty old tombs, like the Bible & the Koran. Over-population & a lemming mentality are the real problem, not a woman's right to decide for herself.