Friday, May 29, 2009

Nyctophobic -- by Richard C. Speaks

When mother
turns out the light
your room is swallowed
by night

Shadows moving
all around
Fear amplifying
every sound

Your mind is working
As if in penance
for some crime

The monsters hiding
'neath your bed
escaped from stories
you've been read

A floor board creaks
somewhere nearby
By now you're much
too scared to cry

Mother's just
a scream away
She'll keep the bogyman
at bay

She checks to see
if you're alright
You beg her to
leave on the light

You're fast asleep
before she's gone
But when she leaves
the light's left on


I love you, Mom!

1 comment:

agrenfaerie said...

Oh this is so sweet... your mom must love that you wrote it!
She is very pretty, and I can see her in your looks. Poem should be in a childrens book, maybe along with some of your grandmothers.