Thursday, April 9, 2009

GRANDPA & ME -- by Richard C. Speaks

My Mother's dad
is wise with age
And he swears by every
Holy Page

His days are spent
lost in the past
He's ready for Gabriel's
trumpet blast

He's set his sights
on opal cloud
He sees death slowly
shrink his crowd

He preaches that the world
is plagued with sin
That Christian soldiers
must fight to win

With all my heart
I love the man
I just don't share
his pious plan

Blind faith through fear
I find insane
Still I bite my tongue
And hide my pain

He sees me as
a lamb astray
Doomed by pride

To him, I'm lost
in doubt's abyss
Unfit to share
in HEAVEN's bliss

My search for truth
is an uphill climb
To seek the reason
in the rhyme

To liberate my mind
from fear
And to learn that life
is brief, but dear

He loves me
though he finds me strange
For Grandpa's mind
will never change

My Mother's dad
is wise and kind
Perhaps, like faith
love must be blind

I miss you Grandpa.

R. I. P.

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