Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bent Bough -- by Richard C. Speaks

The ageless wonders of the heavens
as seen from dingy, drafty caves
All the wisdom of the wise men
didn't save them from their graves

Confounded by the dance of shadows
From thunder storms they cringed in fear
Through nature's ills they saw the proof
of greater powers lurking near

They sought out signs in constellations
and found dark omens to feed their dread
They passed down fables by the campfires
and groveled for their daily bread

They marveled at the solar eye
and at its changing lunar twin
Connecting good to godly favor
they linked all bad to moral sin

Some wise men dug through entrails
Others read the scattered runes
Many dreamt prophetic visions
They all forecast impending doom

They set up many laws of conduct
as their tribes began to grow
Governed by an unseen presence
whose whims the wise men only know

Each tribe had their own deities
that must be bribed through sacrifice
Through faith they knew their gods were real
and that the rest were Man's device


Here's one of my late Grandma's rhymes as a counter-point.

Evolution -- by Ruth E. Towle

The wonders of the universe
From ice to summer heat
Were all created by our God
His works are all complete

But some believe that things evolved
By whirling round in space
Or wiggling in a distant pond
Until they found their place

To those that want to think that way
I know it is their due
But how it fills my heart with joy
To know the Bible's really true

How can the wiggles from a pond
Bring joy and peace and love?
How can evolving things in space
Prepare a home above?

How I would miss the joy and peace
that filled my heart that day
When first I heard salvation's gift
That washed my sins away

The End?

You be the judge.

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