Saturday, November 8, 2008

LUST (Rated Sex) -- by Richard C. Speaks

We're all alone
Just you and me
The night is young
And so are we

The phone's unplugged
You bolt the door
We both know
what we're here for

The room is cold
Yet we are hot
This stolen moment
is all we've got

We interact
We explore
and we react

I taste your tang
A carnal feast
You suck me dry
I feel your heat

Your knees are bent
above your head
A chain-reaction
in your bed

The headboard bangs
against the wall
I hear your voice
You heed my call

The room is reeling
We share this dream
You rake my back
and start to scream

I lose my hold
You lose your mind
A lust like ours
is hard to find

in slow descent
We hold each other
We are content

Drenched in sweat
The smell of love
That's how it goes
when push comes to shove


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